Print & Mail-in Your Gift


We commonly receive gifts in the form of checks, cash and electronic bank transfers. 

Checks can be convenient for many people and are easily recorded through receipts and bank records. Please save all receipts to assure that you receive the maximum tax savings. And if you need a special tax deductible receipt, please feel free to contact us.

We'll Send You Pre-Addressed Envelopes

Fill in the form below if you would like for us to send you a supply of envelopes to make your donations throughout the year. Please provide us with your complete name and mailing address and we’ll send you 12 pre-addressed return envelopes. For safety purposes, please do not send cash. Checks and money orders are the safest way to send money and greatly appreciated!

Download and Mail in a Gift

If you would like to support Responsibility by mailing in a gift, please click here. The pdf listed below will open that you will be ale to print. 

If for any reason this does not work, please feel free to call us # and we will either fax or email you the printable form.