Success Stories

Responsibility knows and has proven that education is the one undeniable solution to reduce proverty. As the founder of Responsibility, David Lynch, is often heard saying, "Education is the only way to help poverty-stricken people help themselves and improve their lives. English classes, in particular, can teach important skills that can mean gaining entrance into institutions of higher education or gainful employment."

Enjoy reading just a few of our success stories and how the young children, who live and learn on and around the garbage dumps, are working hard in school so they too can break out of extreme poverty.


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Success Story #1

Cinthia Vanessa Quiroz Padilla graduating from preschool in 1996 in Tijuana, Mexico at Escuela David Lynch.

The second picture is Cinthia Vanessa graduated Valadictorian of her high school class of 517 students. Today she is in medical school.

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Success Story #2

Erick Daniel Tolentino entered Kindergarten David Lynch at age 4. After six years in grade school, he continued my studies in the secondary school #106 in Tijuana, Mexico. Now at 18-years old Daniel is going to the university, Technological Institute of Tijuana.

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