For over 30 years our schools have given more than 6,000 children who live in and near Tijuana's vast municipal garbage dumps a horizon beyond the smell, flies, and refuse.

In 2010, we opened our first school in Nicaragua and have been working hard to help these children gain an education so that they can break the cycle of poverty.

By GIVING, you provide the children both an education and basic necessities to live and grow strong.

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Robert Keenan School in Matagalpa, Nicaragua opens

The inauguration of The Robert Keenan Family School in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, was attended by the assistant mayor, police chief, and several other government officials. In the assistant mayor's speech, she stated this area was the poorest in Matagalpa and thanked Responsibility for giving these children a better life through education. The construction was completed in December 2010. The 2011 school year had an enrollment of 90 kindergarten students in the mornings and 86 elementary school students in the afternoon. In 2012, we have combined our efforts with another organization and together we have 563 students. Our schools are geared towards the children who must work to help the families eke out a living. Read more >>

What if you and your family had to pick trash all day for a living?

Told with honesty and hope, Armando and the Blue Tarp School is a testament to the pursuit of dreams and the power of one person to make a difference in the lives of others. It is a story about how Responsibility got started.

"The well-written text will be an eye-opener for children who take school for granted."

Armando and the Blue Tarp School is now available online. To obtain a copy, please visit the web site:

"My Life" by Erick Daniel Tolentino

An inspiring autobiography of a Responsibility student now majoring in Electrical Engineering at the Technological Institute of Tijuana. Read more >>